garage-door-openerOne of the oldest and still to this day very reliable garage door opener is the chain driven. They have been around for a very long time and is still a popular choice for homeowners.

There are actually three main types of drive used for garage door openers. Belt, screw, and chain. These three drive openers are the ones that’s mainly use by homeowners. The belt and screw drive are more expensive than the chain driven opener.

Belt drive opener is the quietest when comes to opening your garage door. The belt drive is very similar to chain driven openers. The only difference between the two is one uses a belt and the other uses a chain to operate.

Chain driven openers are very good in value and tend to still be one of the best type of openers to get for your garage door. They are the oldest style of opener used at a much cheaper price.

They can be very noisy and probably wouldn’t be very good if your garage door is close by a room where quietness is needed.

On the other hand the noisiness can be good if you like knowing who’s coming and leaving from your house. Sounds of the chain driven opener could possibly warn you of any intruders trying to break in your house through the garage door.

Screw drive openers require very little maintenance and there’s not a lot of moving parts on these openers. They are also the easiest to install for a person that wants to do it their selves.


Advantages Vs Disadvantages Of Chain Drive


There are cons and pros to all of the three different openers that you should consider when choosing which opener is best for you. For now we’re going to give a little more detail on the advantages and disadvantages of Chain Drive Openers.

As I said before the chain drives are usually more affordable due to the technology staying the same over the years and not going through any major changes. This makes it a great option to choose for most garage doors.

In terms of use the chain driven opener’s metal is very reliable and rarely has any problems. You may have to adjust it once or twice in it’s lifetime, but for the most part the chain drive requires very low maintenance making it an excellent choice for homeowners.

If you’re looking to lift a garage door that’s much heavier due to windows, decoration, or wood. Than having a chain driven opener is as must because of the strength it has to be able to lift these type of garage doors with ease unlike the other door openers.

You will have to deal with the noise of chain drive openers. Which is why chain drives suites best for garage doors that’s not attached to houses. The noise can be a problem for any homeowners that have small children sleeping in rooms close by.

So definitely take this into consideration for your own convenience.